California Tenant Law Website

An excellent source on California tenant law from the renter's perspective.

Santa Cruz Independent Media Center

Local grassroots self-published news and opinions.

Watsonville Brown Berets

The Brown Berets organize for community self-defense, self-education and empowerment in the Barrios of Watsonville and surrounding areas.

Red Hill Legal Support Collective

A legal collective providing support for people in the Santa Cruz area who are being targeted with repression for their political beliefs or acts.

Just Cause Law Collective

A very useful source of advice for dealing with law enforcement, from a Santa Cruz based organization. We recommend their book, "Beat the Heat".

California Rural Legal Assistance

Legal assistance for low-income and migrant communities.

Bad Cop Santa Cruz

Bad Cop focuses on police accountability, know your rights education, and the dissemination of effective tactics to utilize while documenting police in Santa Cruz County.

Other Solidarity Networks

Seattle Solidarity Network

"SeaSol" is the original source of inspiration for creating this project. A very successful renter and worker solidarity group, based in Seattle.

Grit City Solidarity

Tacoma, WA, solidarity network whose poster we shamelessly bite.

Olympia Solidarity Network

Olympia, WA, solidarity network.