Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/18/11: Demand Letter Delivered at Secret Garden Too Preschool

SC Solidarity has been working with Tiffany C., a former employee of Secret Garden Too Preschool, for a few weeks. Tiffany taught at the Secret Garden Too for four years and was well-loved by children and parents. Over the course of that time, she had raises withheld and endured a pattern of belittlement and racism from the preschool's owner. More recently, Tiffany was held at gunpoint by an escaped convict. When she asked for sick leave to deal with trauma from this event, her boss ridiculed her and accused her of abandoning her job.

Today, with a crew of 20+ folks there to support her, Tiffany delivered a letter demanding the reimbursement of sick time wages, which is required by CA law, and for the acknowledgment that she called in sick after being held up at gunpoint. Although her boss, Cathy LaTorre, was not present for the demand delivery, we have no doubt that our presence made an impact, and Cathy can expect that we will take further action if Tiffany's demands are not met within two weeks!

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